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Created on financial data from SEC Filings / EDGAR of more than 10.000 companies.

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Financial Benchmark Matrix

Financial Benchmark Matrix by Sector / Industry

Gives info on revenue growth of selected industry on the one side and different margins (Gross margin, net profit margin, cash flow margin and ROE) on the other. This may provide you support in doing business decisions in terms of which industry to look into.


Financial Statements by Sector > Industry > SIC code > Company

Provides core financials (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow) of more than 10.000 companies from the public SEC Filing database and various filter options. You could quickly compare your company’s margins to the average of your industry. 

    With benchmarking in general you could get ideas where to improve. In order to see sector / industry performances you don’t have to look for company’s financials one by one. With the interactive dashboards you can filter directly the industry average and can drill down from broad to more specific.