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Contract manufacturers in the USA

Pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing services market include pharmaceuticals, active pharma ingredients, biologics, capsules, generic pharma, oral liquids, parenteral, tablets, and OTC. It is estimated that global pharmaceutical contract development and the manufacturing market will touch the figures of US$ 126 billion by 2024. The industry is showing a growth rate of 7.1% annually. This […]

Contract manufacturers in Europe

From its beginning in the early 90s, contract manufacturing is growing rapidly due to a internal shift for contract manufacturers, developing their focus on R&D rather than purely product fulfilment. Contract manufacturing refers to the outsourcing of product manufacturing to third parties to save on setup and inventory costs. The rising costs in India and […]

Top cosmetic manufacturers

The ever-changing cosmetic industry has evolved a lot in recent years. The wide range of products from established brands, private label for cosmetics, ethnic and cultural cosmetic products has played its role in the evolution of cosmetic manufacturing sector. The quality has become a major concern about whether launching new products or engaging new technologies […]

Top supplement manufacturers

Brands should look for Top supplement manufacturers that has experience and capabilities to produce their products. The demand for supplement products such as dietary, nutrition or vitamins is on the rise. Driven by the preferences of the aging population, preferring natural and holistic medicine and an overall approach of self-care and prevention by younger demographics. […]

Top pharmaceutical manufacturers

The pharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry Here is an overview on the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry: Types of pharmaceutical services: There is a wide range of pharmaceutical contract manufacturers that are offering an array of services throughout the world to its customers. The services offered include formulation, stability testing and research, research method and analytical processes […]

Contract Manufacturing vs Private Label

MAIN:private label cosmetics vs contract manufacturing contract manufacturer vs private label contract manufacturing vs private label contract manufacturing and private label contract manufacturer private labeling private label contract manufacturing companies contract manufacturing private label contract manufacturing & private label expo contract manufacturing/private label directory contract manufacturing and private label expo ADDITIONAL: private label organic cosmetic […]