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Prepare an inquiry to manufacture your product

Soliciting manufacturers for the production Soliciting a manufacturer for the work being outsourced is one of the most decisive parts of the outsourcing stages. First of all you need to have set the overall goals you want the manufacturing provider to help you achieve for your business. Positive goals include: Increased customer satisfaction Access to […]

How to find potential manufacturers

Search for potential contract manufacturers You can look for a contract manufacturing company who made the production of your product type their core competency. When you start searching you most likely don’t have all the information available to make a final selection. There are certain point that can be known beforehand. However, potential manufacturers should […]

Grasp the opportunity of contract manufacturing

Back then when vertical enterprises were the norm, most operations functions were handled in-house. It seemed sensible that if a company manufactured products, it should store and distribute them, because it was seen as an advantage to the company. Who else but the manufacturer could make sure that the product it produced would get to […]

Create customer value with product manufacturing

Market challenges in product manufacturing Running a competitive product business with a focus on its core competency also requires an understanding of the business challenges and the way contract manufacturing services can be used effectively to manage them. Globalisation, pace, technology, competition and the capital markets have all had a big impact on business today causing following several […]