Financial Benchmark Matrix

Click on the interactive dashboard. Select any Sector or go one level lower on Industries. For analysis you can choose different margins on the x-axis. The dashboard is based on the financial data of +10.000 companies from SEC Filings.

Explore the interactive data-driven dashboard

On the upper right you can select whether you want to get the data on a Sector or Industry level. On the left column all existing sectors are listed for further filtering.

On the right column you’ll find all industries listed with information on their achieved margin in average. The highest performing industry is listed at the top. Right below the graph you can choose one of the options for the margin that you’d like to see.

The graph itself shows the revenue growth performance on the y-axis and the selected margin on the x-axis. Here you see where each sector/industry stands from that point of view. The size of the circles are according to the achieved revenue of that sector/industry in average.


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