How to find potential manufacturers

Search for potential contract manufacturers

You can look for a contract manufacturing company who made the production of your product type their core competency. When you start searching you most likely don’t have all the information available to make a final selection. There are certain point that can be known beforehand. However, potential manufacturers should generally be identified based on the following criteria:

Technical abilities: Is the production line suitable for the product. Can they provide the level of technical services and compatibility required for the job? Your contract manufacturer should meet all your needs. For meeting your requirements it should have maintained the right equipment for filling and packaging along with printing and distribution. Here is an overview on specific technical capabilities for pharma, supplement and cosmetic manufacturing that you can look for in your manufacturer search in order to get your product produced.

– Filling capabilities : (Powders / Granules, Tablets, Capsules, Pastilles / Dragees, Chewable / Lozenges, Stick-Packs, Suppositories, Ampoules, Sachets, Pouches, Gable Top Cartons, Bag-in-Box, Suspension / Emulsion, Syrups / Juices, Vials, Other Liquids, Bottles / Jars, Pumps / Trigger Sprays, Aerosols, Pots and Tubs, Creams/Salves/Gels/Lotions, Tubes / Roll-on-Tubes, Blisters)

– Manufacturer services  :  (Formulation, New product development, Licensing / Accreditation, Laboratory services, Clean room, Destillate / Sterile, Processing / Blending, Grinding / Sieving, Micronisation, Chilled / Frozen, Pasteurisation / Retort, Gas Flushing, Small batch series)

– Packing capabilities : (Design and Print, Labelling / Barcoding, Export Packing, Hand Packing and Rework, Kitting, Collation and Assembly, Shelf-Ready Packaging, Bagging/Pouch, Flow Wrapping, Over Wrapping, Blister / Clam Packing, Bottle / Glass Packing, Folding Boxes / Cardboard Boxes, Palletising)

– Fulfillment & Logistics : (Call centre services, E-commerce, Procurement, Direct Marketing and Promotions, Pick and Pack, Distribution, Warehousing, Bonded Warehousing, Air/Ocean Freight) 

Depth of experiences in the field: For how many years has the organisation been performing its manufacturing services? How many clients has it had? A contract manufacturer should have decades of experience in the industry. The manufacturer’s experience may save you a lot of time in finding and resolving problems in the process.

Certifications: Certifications are a critical factor in the production of natural products. Certification means complying certain quality standards such as GMPs or others that may be relevant for your business (eg. BRC Food, BRC Storage and Distribution, BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), Certified organic / Bio-certificate, FSSC 22000, GMP, HACCP, IFC Logistics, IFS Cash & Carry Wholesale, IFS Food, IFS HPC, ISO 13485 Medical Devices, ISO 14001, ISO 22716, ISO 9001, Kosher, Sedex).

Location: Transportation is another critical factor in contract manufacturing. The manufacturing facility should be in the proximity of a well-established transportation hub including an international airport to deliver orders in the most cost-effective and timely manner. It is better to choose one from your near by to also avoid lengthy regulatory and certification processes. 

Transparency: Transparency is the essence of business relations. The best contract manufacturer will keep it’s dealing open and transparent to build a trustworthy relationship with you. In discussions they would come to you proactively with solutions. While searching for a reliable contract manufacturer you may look for its online presence if information is shared openly.

Company culture: Does the manufacturer have a culture with an approach consistent with yours (eg. such as ecological values)?

Minimum order quantity :

How to find your perfect match

You can find a relevant contract manufacturing organization list on our platform with respective manufacturing capabilities that you can evaluate as preliminary manufacturing candidates.

In order to find your perfect manufacturer you must contact the identified ones with an inquiry. The next step is to prioritise the list of potential manufacturers and try to evaluate which candidates best meet the evaluation criteria. 

Not only will these criteria on your manufacturer evaluation checklist provide a greater understanding of the services offered by the production companies, but they will be useful when you are requesting for proposals (RFP) and developing a specific selection of a manufacturing partner. The RFP outlines the product details, deliverables, and timelines, along with the expected production volumes.